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Social Responsibility

We never forget where our happiness comes from;  and over the years, we, ALLIED never forget our social responsibility in the time we grow up and develop . We did the great contribution in eco-environment protection 、social employment、enterprise talents fostering and the peaceful society creation as well.

Social Contribution

Our kind fund group always keeps kindheartedness as the charity aim to help people who need help, and financial help as well. Do our great efforts to them to develop a harmonious、thankful、dedicative and beautiful society.

About Children

In 2006, ALLIED provided assistance to construct a “HOPE PRELIMINARY SCHOOL;  Over so many years, we supply love lunch、donate teaching equipments、give different seasons cloths and school things.

About the old

ALLIED has the company union to organize the frequent visit for the elderly person of no family, and those laid-off works, and to comfort & help them.

About disasters

We also have active involvement in charitable activities, such as :“SARS” ”WenChuan earthquake“love under the blue sky”

About others

We also take responsible for the development of other group.

2013 July, We sponsored and participated in the public benefit activities in Shanghai Fengxian district; this not only inherited the local culture, but also contributed the strength we have, We shared the joy which brought about by development with our society.

2012 May, we set up the “Shanghai university kind fund committee”, which was set up to help poor students to finish school and to pursue their dreams. We established long term cooperation relationship with Shanghai University to carry on the public benefit and pass on the kindness.